Kesavan R. Venkata


From time to time librarians have always stood for the cause of their library user communities by facilitating faster and pinpointed access to quality information, using latest technological developments and innovations. Creating, managing and offering Digital Library (DL) service is one such mission for the modern day LIS professionals. DLs projects are quite challenging to implement as well as very expensive to develop, maintain and sustain. However, if DL projects are woven with the mission and strategic goals of their parent organizations, then such projects will always be beneficial to the user community and can become successful. In this paper, apart from defining the DL concept, elaborating the need for DLs and identifying the resources for DL collections, an attempt has been made to provide step-by-step guidelines for planning, designing, developing and managing DL projects and offering digital library services. The paper also highlights some of the critical issues one has to deal with while handling DL projects. Besides the paper suggests a number of best practices which one can follow in developing and managing DL projects.


Keywords: Digital library management; Digital library services; Information retrieval systems, digitization

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