Alka D Wadhwana, Anil N Chikate


The paper presents a bibliometric analysis of the articles published in the journal titled ‘Library Progress (International)’ from 2010 to 2014. The study exhibits the findings of analysis of 117 articles published in the said journal during the five years span. The year 2011 is the most productive year as the highest number (32) of articles is published in this year. 69% of the articles (81) aremulti-authored. Average length of the articles is 11 pages. Average number of citation per contribution is 14. The highest contributions (55.25%) are by working librarians. Male authors’ contribution is more than the female authors. Out of 117 contributions, 24 articles are contributed by 52 foreign authors. Only one article is contributed by two authors from Oman, while remaining 23 articles are contributed by Nigerian authors. No other foreign country’s authors have contributed in this journal.


Keywords: Bibliometrics, Journal of Library and Information Science, Library Progress (International), Authorship Pattern, Degree of Collaboration, Citation Analysis

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