A Scientometric Analysis on Ostrich Research Output based on Web of Science Online Database (1999-2017)

Satish Sivaprakasam


A Scientometric study has been conducted to analyse the Ostrich research publications as indexed by the Web of Science online database during the period 1999 to 2017. The search term ‘Ostrich’ was used restricted to ‘Title’ field. A total of 1,062 publications were indexed by WoS. The average number of publications is 55.89 and the spurt in literature was noticed during the year 2008 with 95 publications (8.95%). The leading country in ostrich research is South Africa with 21.56% publications followed by USA (9.89%), England (9.42%), Brazil (7.90%) and Iran (6.78%). South African journal of Animal Science is the preferred journal by scientists to publish ostrich research papers with 4.14% followed by Meat Science (3.86%), British Poultry Science (3.30%), Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture (2.54%), Avian Diseases (2.26%). Cloete SWP is the prolific author with (4.90%) publications followed by Hoffman LC (3.67%), Cooper RG (3.20%), Malecki IA (2.92%), Horbanczuk JO (2.73%). English is the preferred language of scientists to publish with 95.34% followed by Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch. As far as the leading funding agencies supporting ostrich research is concerned, the National Natural Science Foundation of China is leading with 43 publications (4.04%) followed by National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (1.32%), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (1.22%), National Research Foundation-South Africa (1.22%) and CAPES (1.13%).


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