Satish Sivaprakasam


Bovine Mastitis is the most common disease in dairy cattle worldwide which is also an economically important livestock disease which causes severe economic loss to the farming community. The economic losses were estimated by many studies but not much work has been done on the publication analysis. So, this paper attempts to do a scientometric mapping of research publications of this economically important dairy cattle disease. The publication data were retrieved from the Web of Science database of Clarivatic Analytics using the keywords “bovine’ and “Mastitis” in Title for the period 1999-2017. A total of 973 publications were indexed by the database. The data were downloaded into Excel sheet and analysed. During the period of 19 years (1999-2017) a total of 973 publications were indexed by the Web of Science database. A spurt in publication output has been observed during the year 2011 with 79 (8.119%) while the least number of publications during 2001 with 23 (2.364%). The study revealed that 86.85% of the publications are articles followed by Meeting Abstracts (5.14%), Proceedings paper (4.63%), Review (3.19%), Letter (1.03%), Corrections (0.82%) and Editorial material (0.51%). The leading institutions doing research on this economically important disease affecting dairy cattle include Indian Council of Agricultural Research (3.186%), Universidade Estadual Paulista (2.672%), University of Helsinki (2.672%), China Agricultural University (2.569%) and Indian Veterinary Research Institute (2.261%). The leading funding agencies supported Bovine Mastitis research include National Natural Science Foundation of China (4.317%), National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (2.364%), CAPES (1.644%), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (1.131%) and Minas Gerais State Research Foundation Fapemig (1.028%).  The study revealed that Pyorala S is the leading author with 22 papers (2.261%) followed by Han B (1.644%), Mukherjee R (1.542%), Schwarz S (1.542%) and Burvenich C (1.439%).  It has been observed that Journal of Dairy Science is the leading journal in publishing papers on bovine mastitis with 94 papers (9.661%) followed by Veterinary Microbiology (8.222%), Journal of Dairy Research (2.569%), Indian Journal of Animal Sciences (1.953%), Tropical Animal Health and Production (1.850%). It has been found that Brazil is the leading country with 110 publications (11.305%) followed by USA (10.175%), Germany (9.044%), India (8.119%) and People Republic of China (8.119%).


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