V.S. Jadhav, V.S. Khaparde, S.M. Shelke


Digital information sources can support enormous saving in time and efforts. The
digital sources are used by teachers and students for their teaching learning process.
In the present study a well structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed
amongst the professionals of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,
Aurangabad, The departments covered under the study were department of Library
and Information Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, Tourism and Law .It
was seen that the professionals required information for their seminar that is
7(63.63%) and the least requirement for the examination. Majority of professionals
used Internet as a source of information that is 8(72.72%), followed by Library that is
6(54.54%), the least used source of information by professionals is T.V. & News
Papers i.e. 5(45.45%). There were 9(81.81%) browsing Internet for E-mail and E-
resources (100%) professionals from Library and Information Science and Law
department browse Internet for E-mail and E-resources. While, no one preferred
Internet for OPAC and any other specific reason. (90.91%) professionals faced
difficulties in browsing the Internet based information sources due to lack of
accessibility and only (9.09%) professionals need the training for it. The highest used
search engine was Google by all the professionals i.e. (81.81%), followed by
(27.27%) have Yahoo and least used search engine was Alta-Vista i.e. (18.18%).
(54.54%) professional’s search strategy was advance search strategy and only
(36.36%) professional’s search strategy were simple search strategy. The
professional’s satisfaction level of facilities provided by the university, (45.45%)
professionals were fully satisfied, (27.27%) professionals were partially satisfied and
(9.09%) professionals were least satisfied.

Keywords: Digital information, Information sources, Professionals, Dr. Babasaheb
Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

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