Altmetrics: New Metrics for Measuring the Research Impact

Shalini R. Lihitkar, K. Veeranjaneyulu


Traditionally the evaluation of a research article was made counting citations it received by other articles. Inthe last few years, with the advent of webometrics, new indicators were developed based on web usage statistics. Traditional citation metrics are still important but are increasingly incapable of showing the full picture as they do not measure new forms of scholarly output, such as datasets and software, and new ways of disseminating content through social media hence almetrics emerged. An attempt has been made to identify and analyze the special features and tracked the articles level. For the paper four altmetices tools have been identified which is free to access by registering our name and login. The investigative method of research was used, which included surfing the data on almetrics, identified and downloaded the tools.

Keywords: Almetrics, article-level metrics, research impact

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